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O. Promper, H. Böck:
"Can Austria survive without Nuclear Power?";
Talk: Nuclear Society of Slovenia, Slowenien; 2007-09-10 - 2007-09-13; in: "Nuclear Energy for New Europe 2007", (2007), ISBN: 978-961-6207-28-7; 013.1 - 013.9.

English abstract:
One of the biggest challenges in the future of the Austrian power sector is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as Austria agreed in Kyoto to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for 13% compared to 1990. due to the further increasing electricity demand, there is a need to build new power plants in the future. Today, the use of nuclear power for electricity production in Austria is prohibited by law. the aim of this paper is to analyse the future of the Austrian power sector concerning greenhouse gas emissions and guarantee of supply. Various scenarios taking the above conditions and different technologies taken into account are calculated. The investigated technologies include fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear power. The aim is to analyse the impact of the different scenarios on greenhouse gas emissions and supply security.

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