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Z. Zeinalpour-Yazdi, M. Nasiri-Kenari, B. Aazhang, J. Wehinger, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Bounds on the Delay-Constrained Capacity of UWB Communication with a Relay Node";
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 8 (2009), 5; 2265 - 2273.

English abstract:
We derive bounds on the expected capacity and outage capacity of a three-node relay network for UWB communications. We also provide a simple tight approximation for the
derived upper bound on the capacity and then using this bound we obtain the outage probability of the network. Numerical results show that a significant improvement in the system capacity and outage probability is obtained by adding a relay node. Moreover, our theoretical results reveal that the diversity gain of a relay channel substantially increases by using UWB links instead of NB links. We also derive these bounds when we have a constraint on the total transmitted power of the source and the relay nodes.

UWB channel, relay channel, expected capacity, outage capacity, outage probability, power constraint

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