Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

M. Sari:
"Photorealistic Rendering Of Measured BRDF Data";
Supervisor: A. Weidlich; Institut für Computergraphik und Algorithmen, TU Wien, 2008; final examination: 2008-05.

English abstract:
Photo realistic rendering of measured data is a widely used method to generate reference images for analytical models. But before we can render measured data it has to be acquired and then fitted and interpolated. In this thesis we review two BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) databases from different Universities. One database consists of Spectral data where the other only measured the materials in RGB color space. Furthermore we introduce the reader in the basic BRDF models and in the basics of Monte Carlo sampling methods.

We integrate the rendering of measured BRDF data in the Advanced Rendering Toolkit (ART), which is developed since 1996 from the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms of the Vienna University of Technology. Also we evaluate the generated images, with polar plots, to show their reflectance property. Also we show our trilinear interpolation approach, which was used for the data from the Cornell University. To present our work we also rendered several images with the ART pathtracer.

Electronic version of the publication:

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