Publications in Scientific Journals:

O. Mattausch, J. Bittner, M. Wimmer:
"CHC++: Coherent Hierarchical Culling Revisited";
Computer Graphics Forum, 27 (2008), 2; 221 - 230.

English abstract:
We present a new algorithm for efficient occlusion culling using hardware occlusion queries. The algorithm significantly improves on previous techniques by making better use of temporal and spatial coherence of visibility. This is achieved by using adaptive visibility prediction and query batching. As a result of the new optimizations the number of issued occlusion queries and the number of rendering state changes are significantly reduced. We also propose a simple method for determining tighter bounding volumes for occlusion queries and a method which further reduces the pipeline stalls. The proposed method provides up to an order of magnitude speedup over the previous state of the art. The new technique is simple to implement, does not rely on hardware calibration and integrates well with modern game engines.

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