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M.H. Luxner, A. Woesz, J. Stampfl, P. Fratzl, H. E. Pettermann:
"A Finite Element Study on the Effects of Disorder in Cellular Structures";
Acta Biomaterialia, 5 (2009), 381 - 390.

English abstract:
The susceptibility to deformation localization of simple cubic arrangements of struts, which are a simple approximation of the microarchitecture in cancellous bone, is analyzed. The coherence between structural disorder and the tendency towards deformation localization is investigated and its relevance from a biological point of view is discussed. A systematic study on the spatial deformation distribution of regular and disordered open cell structures is carried out. To this end, finite element models are employed which account for elasticplastic bulk material and large strain theory, and a methodology for the estimation of the degree of deformation localization is introduced.

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Project Head Heinz E. Pettermann:
Modellierung und Simulation der mechanischen Eigenschaften offenzelliger biomimetischer Strukturen

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