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E. Bauer, X. Chen, P. Rogl, G. Hilscher, H. Michor, E. Royanian, R. Podloucky, G. Giester, O.L. Sologub, A. Goncalves:
"Superconductivity and spin fluctuations in {Th,U}Pt4Ge12 skutterudites";
Physical Review B, 78 (2008), 064516-1 - 064516-6.

English abstract:
Merging experimental data and ab initio calculations, we report on ThPt4Ge12 and UPt4Ge12 as further members of germanium-based skutterudites. For ThPt4Ge12 electron-phonon coupled superconductivity develops below Tc=4.75 K, ascribed to intrinsic features of the Pt-Ge framework where Ge-p states dominate the electronic structure at the Fermi energy. Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida coupling via the Ge framework is too weak to enable magnetic ordering in nonsuperconducting UPt4Ge12.

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