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M. Haidacher, St. Bruckner, A. Kanitsar, E. Gröller:
"Information-based Transfer Functions for Multimodal Visualization";
Talk: Workshop on Visual Computing for Biomedicine (VCBM), Delft, Niederlande; 2008-10-06 - 2008-10-07; in: "VCBM 2008, Eurographics Proceeding, Workshop on Visual Computing for Biomedicine", (2008), ISBN: 9783905674132; 101 - 108.

English abstract:
Transfer functions are an essential part of volume visualization. In multimodal visualization at least two values exist at every sample point. Additionally, other parameters, such as gradient magnitude, are often retrieved for each sample point. To find a good transfer function for this high number of parameters is challenging because of the complexity of this task. In this paper we present a general information-based approach for transfer function design in multimodal visualization which is independent of the used modality types. Based on information theory, the complex multi-dimensional transfer function space is fused to allow utilization of a well-known 2D transfer function with a single value and gradient magnitude as parameters. Additionally, a quantity is introduced which enables better separation of regions with complementary information. The benefit of the new method in contrast to other techniques is a transfer function space which is easy to understand and which provides a better separation of different tissues. The usability of the new approach is shown on examples of different modalities.

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