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B. Popescu, A. Birsan, A. Galatanu, E. Royanian, G. Hilscher, E. Bauer:
"Physical properties of the new ferromagnetic Kondo system CeAg1xNixSb2";
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 10 (2008), 7; 1625 - 1629.

English abstract:
Structural, magnetic and transport properties of CeAg1−xNixSb2 compounds are investigated on polycrystalline samples. The experimental results show the formation of ferromagnetic compounds with sharp transitions decreasing from 9.5 K in the 100% Ag compound to 8.1 K for 33% Ni substitution, 7 K for 67% Ni substitution to 6 K for the 100% Ni compound. The characteristic temperatures, considered as the temperature of the resistivity maximum T0 increases from 26 K to 44 K, 54 K and 65 K, respectively. These results indicate Ce(AgNi)Sb2 compounds as a ferromagnetic Kondo system.

Ferromagnetic kondo system, Ce-Ag-Ni-Sb

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