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S. Markin, D. Primetzhofer, S. Prusa, M. Brunmayr, G. Kowarik, F. Aumayr, P. Bauer:
"Electronic interaction of very slow light ions in Au: Electronic stopping and electron emission";
Physical Review B, 78 (2008), 1951221 - 1951226.

English abstract:
Electronic stopping and ion-induced electron emission during the interaction of slow v 0.1 a.u. H+ and
D+ ions with polycrystalline Au targets have been investigated. Electronic stopping is deduced from time-of-
flight low-energy ion scattering measurements in backscattering geometry using polycrystalline films of several
nanometers thick. Current measurements are performed to determine the ion-induced electron emission yield.
Both in electronic stopping and in ion-induced electron emission we find a rather sharp, distinctive threshold
velocity of 0.19 a.u. for specific excitation and emission of 5d electrons. Below this threshold the projectiles
interact exclusively with the 6s electrons.

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