Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

U. Rietzinger:
"Generierung von Ein- und Umlagervorschlägen in Lagern mit einer Last-In First-Out Strategie und kundenspezifischen Auslagerpräferenzen";
Supervisor: G. Raidl, M. Prandtstetter; Institut für Computergraphik und Algorithmen, 2008; final examination: 2008-12.

English abstract:
In this thesis we present di erent approaches to generate stocking and relocation
recommendations to use in a Last-In First-Out storage. Our goal is to
minimize the time required for stock removal using a given stocking strategy.
A simple, time e cient stock removal is characterized by the possibility to
retrieve goods for shipment without having to perform time consuming restocking
operations and can be achieved by stocking the goods in a way that
always allows direct access to the wares might be shipped shortly. To achieve
this, we developed a system that takes into account information about the
current storage situation, incoming goods and future shipments and generates
a stocking suggestion that results in a storage structure optimal for
stock removal. In addition, we o er the possibility to generate recommendations
for restructuring the given storage that, when applied, resolve existing
conicts regarding stock removal which also minimizes shipping time.
The main idea of the implementation is to model a function that evaluates
the storage structure taking into account conicts regarding stock removal.
Using our approach, this function is minimized at every stocking and
restocking operation. To determine which storage bin should be used for
stocking incoming goods, our approach makes use of greedy methods while
restocking suggestions are constructed using local search and variable neighborhood
descent algorithms.
The methods presented in this thesis are applied in one of the warehouses
of a paper manufacturing company. We show that introducing the strategies
presented in this work has led to a hugely improved storage structure in said
warehouse that allows much quicker shipping times and at the same time a
higher average lling level of the storage.

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