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T.H. Nam, G. Requena, H.P. Degischer:
"Thermal expansion behaviour of aluminum matrix composites with densely packed SiC particles";
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 39 (2008), 5; 856 - 865.

English abstract:
The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of Al-based metal matrix composites containing 70 vol.% SiC particles (AlSiC) has been measured based on the length change from room temperature (RT) to 500 C. In the present work, the instantaneous CTE(T) of AlSiC is studied by thermo-elastic models and micromechanical simulation using finite element analysis in order to explain abnormalities observed experimentally. The CTE(T) is predicted according to analytical thermo-elastic models of Kerner, Schapery and Turner. The CTE(T) is modelled for heating and cooling cycles from 20 C to 500 C considering the effects of microscopic voids and phase connectivity. The finite element analysis is based on a two-dimensional unit cell model comparing between generalized plane strain and plane stress formulations. The thermal expansion behaviour is strongly influenced by the presence of voids and confirms qualitatively that they cause the experimentally observed decrease of the CTE(T) above 250 C.

A. Metal matrix composites; B. Porosity; C. Finite element analysis; Thermal expansion

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