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W.S.M. Werner, M. Went, M. Vos, K. Glantschnig, C. Ambrosch-Draxl:
"Measurement and density functional calculations of optical constants of Ag and Au from infrared to vacuum ultraviolet wavelengths";
Physical Review B, 77 (2008), 1614041 - 1614044.

English abstract:
The dielectric function of Ag and Au for wavelengths ranging from the infrared to the vacuum ultraviolet
regime was measured with reflection electron energy-loss spectroscopy REELS. The spectra are compared to
density functional theory DFT calculations and to experimental optical data available in the literature since
about three decades ago. The REELS and DFT results exhibit good consistency, while the earlier optical data
significantly deviate. The results demonstrate that REELS and DFT are powerful tools for the study of the
electromagnetic response of surfaces.

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