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M. Ruiz, I. Boada, I. Viola, St. Bruckner, M. Feixas, M. Sbert:
"Obscurance-based Volume Rendering Framework";
Talk: Symposium on Volume Graphics, Los Angeles, California; 2008-08-10 - 2008-08-11; in: "Volume and Point-Based Graphics 2008, Eurographics Workshop Proceeding", (2008), ISBN: 9783905674125; 113 - 120.

English abstract:
Obscurances, from which ambient occlusion is a particular case, is a technology that produces natural-looking lighting effects in a faster way than global illumination. Its application in volume visualization is of special interest since it permits us to generate a high quality rendering at a low cost. In this paper, we propose an obscurance-based framework that allows us to obtain realistic and illustrative volume visualizations in an interactive manner. Obscurances can include color bleeding effects without additional cost. Moreover, we obtain a saliency map from the gradient of obscurances and we show its application to enhance volume visualization and to select the most salient views.

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Project Head Eduard Gröller:
Ausdrucksstarke Visualisierung Volumetrischer Daten

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