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A. Reiterer, U. Egly (ed.):
"Application of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Geodesy";
Eigenverlag, 2008, ISBN: 978-3-9501492-4-1; 116 pages.

English abstract:
In the last years Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an essential technique for solving complex problems in Engineering Geodesy. Current application using AI methodologies are geodetic data analysis, deformation analysis, navigation, deformation network adjustment, optimization of complex measurement procedure, etc.
AIEG will transfer and promote the application of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Geodesy and will bring together researcher from informatics and geodesy. The workshop is a platform for experts to expound and share their successes in applying AI in their respective fields of engineering geodesy.
The first workshop of AIEG was held in December 2008 in Vienna and was orgaised by the IAG Working Group 4.2.3 "Application of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Geodesy".

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