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W. Bakalski, B. Sogl, M. Zannoth, M. Asam, B. Kapfelsperger, J. Berkner, B. Eisener, W. Thomann, S. Marcon, W. Österreicher, E. Napieralska, E. Rampf, A.L. Scholtz, B. Klepser:
"A Quad-Band GSM/EDGE-Compliant SiGe-Bipolar Power Amplifier";
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 43 (2008), 9; 1920 - 1930.

English abstract:
A standard-compliant integrated quad-band GSM/EDGE radio frequency power amplifier for 824-915 MHz and 1710-1910 MHz has been realized in a 0.35 Ám SiGe-Bipolar technology. The chip integrates two single-ended three-stage power amplifiers and control circuitry for band-select, power loop control and mode dependent quiescent currents. For power control, an on-chip voltage regulation loop is implemented, using an external P-channel MOS-transistor on a laminate module. At 3.3 V a saturated output power of 35.9 dBm is achieved at 830 MHz and 32.3 dBm at 1710 MHz. The respective peak power added efficiency (PAE) is 56% for low-band and 44% for high-band.

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