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G. Tauböck, F. Hlawatsch:
"Compressed Sensing Based Estimation Of Doubly Selective Channels Using A Sparsity-Optimized Basis Expansion";
Talk: EUSIPCO European Signal Processing Conference, Lausanne; 08-25-2008 - 08-29-2008; in: "Proceedings of the 16th European Signal Processing Conference 2008 (EUSIPCO 2008)", (2008), 5 pages.

English abstract:
We propose a technique for estimating doubly selective channels
within multicarrier communication systems. The new channel estimation
technique uses the methodology of compressed sensing for a
reduction of the number of pilots, and it employs a basis expansion
that is optimized with a criterion of maximum sparsity. Simulation
results demonstrate that the optimized basis yields significant performance gains relative to a previously proposed technique.

OFDM, multicarrier modulation, channel estimation, compressed sensing, sparse reconstruction, basis pursuit, dictionary learning

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