Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Jenni, L. Schimmer, R. Zauner, J. Stampfl, J. Morris:
"Quantitative study of powder binder separation of feedstocks";
Powder Injection Moulding International, 2 (2008), 4; 50 - 55.

English abstract:
The rheological properties of feedstocks and their flowability and tendency for powder binder separation have a strong influence on the successful manufacturing of PIM components. A systematic comparison of the filling behaviour of different tungsten and aluminium feedstocks has been carried out experimentally. Using specially designed moulds, designed experiments (DOE) with variations in the nozzle temperature, mould temperature an injection speed of feedstocks with extremely different physical and thermal properties (tungsten and aluminium) were carried out. The results were statistically analysed. The observed effects are explained and implications for optimised PIM processing are suggested. Furthermore parts of the samples are analysed for powder separation and compared to predictions made by the pseudo-continuum separations model named: Balance Model.

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