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J.H. Sterba, M. Blaauw, G. Steinhauser, M. Bichler, F. Grass, G. P. Westphal:
"Accelerating k0";
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 278 (2008), 3; 613 - 616.

English abstract:
Combining the powers of a fast pneumatic transport system and the Automatic Activation Analyzer (AAA) of the Atominstitut in vienna with the newest version of the IAEA k0-Software, the application of the k0-method to the determination of short-lived radionuclides becomes easily possible. By calculating Asp-values with the IAEA software, the often expensive and time-consuming measurement of Asp-values using certified reference materials is reduced to quality control checks. Measurements clearly show that the two approaches are equivalent, especially since both take self-absorption and neutron self-shielding into account. In this way it is possible to expand the library of the AAA with many hitherto unobtainable Asp-values. At the same time, using highly accurate Asp-valure already measured for many short-lived radionuclides, k0-values for those can be produced with a simple procedure.

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