Publications in Scientific Journals:

T. Neubauer, J. Heurix:
"Multiobjective Decision Support for defining Secure Business Processes: A Case Study";
International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining (IJBIDM), Vol 3 (2008), No 2; 177 - 195.

English abstract:
As business processes gain more importance in today's business environments, their unimpeded execution is crucial for a company's success. Corporate decision makers are faced with a wide spectrum of potential risks on the one hand and a plenitude of security safeguards on the other hand. Existing approaches for the evaluation of security measures often neglect the consideration of business needs under multiple objectives. This paper gives an overview of the Atana approach that supports decision makers with the elicitation of security safeguards based on corporate business processes and according to multiple objectives. It focuses on the description of a prototype by means of a case study from the social security sector and, thus, provides decision makers with an instrument for interactively exploring different security investment scenarios, while the system guarantees at the same time that only efficient solutions are considered.

IT security; multiobjective decision support; secure business processes; safeguard selection; cost-benefit analysis; case study; prototype; decision making; social security; security investment; information technology

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