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M. Pichlmair, F. Kayali:
"Intentions, Expectations and the Player";
Talk: the [player] conference, Copenhagen; 2008-08-26 - 2008-08-29; in: "Proceedings - the [player] conference", IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen (2008), ISBN: 978-87-7949-182-3; 220 - 242.

English abstract:
The emotional side of gaming has been researched extensively over the last years. This paper provides a
perspective on how some basic emotions relate to players and gaming situations. The subject of discus-
sion are the player´s emotions that arise as a consequence of the divergence between an action´s expected,
intended and actual outcomes. Further, emotions are relative to each other and to the outcomes of other
player´s actions. This paper argues that a dramaturgy of interactivity is necessary to embrace this relativ-
ity and presents a cornerstone for it.

German abstract:
Dieser Artikel beschäftigt sich mit der emotionalen Seite des Spielens von Computerspielen. Es wird der Versuch unternommen einige für das Design von interaktiven Systemen wichtige psychologische Faktoren in diesem Bereich zu erklären.

interaction design, game design, emotions, player, video games

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