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St. Sponar, J. Klepp, G. Badurek, Y. Hasegawa:
"Zero-field and Larmor spinor precessions in a neutron polarimeter experiment";
Physics Letters A, 372 (2008), 3153 - 3156.

English abstract:
We present a neutron polarimetric experiment where two kinds of spinor precessions are observed: one is induced by different total energy of neutrons (zero-field precession) and the other is induced by a stationary guide field (Larmor precession). A characteristic of the former is the dependence of the energy-difference, which is in practice tuned by the frequency of the interacting oscillating magnetic field ωR. In contrast the letter completely depends on the strength of the guide field, namely Larmor frequency ωL. Our neutron-polarimetric experiment exhibits individual tuning as well as specific properties of each spinor precession, which assures the use of both spin precessions for multi-entangled spinor manipulation.

Neutron; Spin precession; Larmor precession; Zero-field precession; Polarimeter

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