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A. Cabello, S. Filipp, H. Rauch, Y. Hasegawa:
"Proposed Experiment for Testing Quantum Contextuality with Neutrons";
Physical Review Letters, 100 (2008), 130404; 130404-1 - 130404-4.

English abstract:
We show that an experimental demonstration of quantum contextuality using 2 degrees of freedom of single neutrons based on a violation of an inequality derived from the Peres-Mermin proof of the Knochen-Specker theorem would be more conclusive than those obtained from previous experiments involving pairs of ions [M.A. Rowe et al., Nature (London) 409, 791 (2001)] and single neutrons [Y. Hasegawa et al., Nature (London) 425, 45(2003)] based on violations of Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt-like inequalities.

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