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J.S. Kim, D. Gracanin, K. Matkovic, F. Quek:
"Finger Walking in Place (FWIP): a Traveling Technique in Virtual Environments";
Talk: International Symposium on Smart Graphics, Rennes, France; 2008-08-27 - 2008-08-29; in: "Smart Graphics: 9th International Symposium, SG 2008, Rennes, France, August 27-29, 2008, Proceedings", (2008), ISBN: 978-3-540-85410-4.

English abstract:
In this paper we present a Finger Walking in Place (FWIP) interaction technique that allows a user to travel in a virtual world as her/his bare ¯ngers slide on a multi-touch sensitive surface. Traveling is basically realized by translating and rotating the user's viewpoint in the virtual world. The user can translate and rotate a viewpoint by mov- ing her/his ¯ngers in place. Currently, our FWIP technique can be used to navigate in a plane but it can be extended to navigate in the third axis, so that the user can move to any direction in a 3D virtual world. Since our FWIP technique only uses bare ¯ngers and a multi-touch de- vice, ¯nger motions are not precisely detected, especially compared with the use of data gloves or similar sensing devices. However, our experi- ments show that FWIP can be used as a novel traveling technique even without accurate motion detection. Our experiment tasks include ¯nding and reaching the target(s) with FWIP, and the participants successfully completed the tasks. The experiments illustrate our eŽorts to make the FWIP technique robust as a scaled-down walking-in-place locomotion technique, so that it can be used as a reliable traveling technique.

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