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F. Meirer, C. Streli, G. Pepponi, P. Wobrauschek, M.A. Zaitz, C. Horntrich, G. Falkenberg:
"Feasibility study of SR-TXRF-XANES analysis for iron contaminations on a silicon wafer surface";
Surface and Interface Analysis, 40 (2008), 1571 - 1576.

English abstract:
The ability to chemically characterize the contamination on silicon wafers is of critical importance to the semiconductor industry. It provides information on possible unwanted chemical processes taking place on the wafer surface and helps in determining the true source of the contamination problem. This type of information is not readily accessible with standard laboratory equipment. Synchrotron radiation-induced total reflection X-ray fluorescence (SR-TXRF) was combined with X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) to determine the chemical state of Fe contaminations on a silicon wafer surface. Main purpose of the study was to test the method for a contamination issue as it could appear in a microelectronic VLSI production fab.

SR-TXRF; TXRF-XANES; wafer surface analysis

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