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M. Pohl:
"Interactive and Game-Based Learning";
Talk: Workgroup HCI&UE of the Austrian Computer Society (OCG), Graz; 2008-04-28.

English abstract:
There is an increasing amount of research about new forms of learning, e.g. interactive and game-based learning. There are topics for which such new forms of learning are highly appropriate, especially for ill-structured domains. In such domains, it is often difficult to find one optimal solution for a given problem, and the context plays a very important role for decision making. One such area is sustainable product design - that is, the design of ecologically sound products in industry. I will use the example of two learning programs for sustainable product design to describe advantages and disadvantages of new forms of learning. One is a program for continuing education using a problem based approach, the other is a computer game for teenagers. Both learning programs are based on a constructivist approach. In this context, I will emphasize the role of pictures, diagrams and other forms of visualization. Nowadays, the positive cognitive effects of using images in teaching and learning are fairly undisputed. Nevertheless, it is very important to consider the properties of human information processing when designing such images. Pictures, videos and animations have to be integrated into the text, visualizations have to give a clear picture of the data and be appropriate for the area of application. When such guidelines are observed, learning programs of high quality can be created.

e-Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Design, Technology Enhanced Learning

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