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H.L. Singh, D. Gracanin, K. Matkovic:
"A Load Simulation and Metrics Framework for Distributed Virtual Reality";
Poster: IEEE Virtual Reality, Reno NV USA; 2008-03-08 - 2008-03-12; in: "Poster Proceedings of Virtual Reality 2008", (2008), 287 - 288.

English abstract:
We describe a simple load-measure-model method for analyzing the scalability of Distributed Virtual Environments (DVEs). We use a load simulator and three metrics to measure a DVEīs engine with varying numbers of simulated users. Our load simulator logs in as a remote client and plays according to how users played during the conducted user study. Two quality of virtuality metrics, fidelity and consistency, describe the userīs experience in the DVE. One engine performance metric provides the cycle time of the engineīs primary loop. Simulation results (up to 420 users) are discussed.

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