Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

St. Rümmele:
"Efficient Counting with Bounded Treewidth using Datalog";
Supervisor: R. Pichler, S. Woltran; Institut für Informationssysteme, Arbeitsbereich Datenbanker & Artificial Intelligence, 2008; final examination: 2008-12.

English abstract:
Bounded treewidth has proven to be a key concept in identifying
tractable fragments of inherently intractable problems. An important
result in this context is Courcelle's Theorem, stating that any property
of finite structures definable in monadic second-order logic (MSO),
becomes tractable if the treewidth of the structure is bounded by a
constant. An extension of this result to counting problems was done
by Arnborg et al. But both proofs did not yield an implementable
algorithm. Recently Gottlob et al. presented a new approach using
monadic datalog to close this gap for decision problems. The goal
of this work is to extend this method in order to handle counting
problems as well. We show that the monadic datalog approach indeed
is applicable for all MSO definable counting problems. Furthermore we
propose concrete algorithms with fixed-parameter linear running time

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