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R. Neumayer, A. Rauber, S. Ross, S. Strodl:
"Fostering Collaboration with DigitalPreservationEurope";
Talk: IST-Africa 2008, Windhoek, Namibia; 2008-05-07 - 2008-05-09.

English abstract:
The digital age has widely influenced the way people live and work. In
addition to the many benefits it brought, e.g. the possibility of handling vast amounts
of data in seconds of time, it also has resulted in new problems. Digital material is
increasingly at risk of not being accessible in the very near future. Outdated file
formats become obsolete at an alarming rate, as does the hardware needed to run the
software that would be required to access a specific file. The preservation of digital
objects has thus become an important area of activity for research disciplines such as
computer or information sciences, resulting in a large number of individual research
and development activities. DigitalPreservationEurope, a project funded by the
European Commission, has been put into place to raise awareness for the problems at
hand as well as to integrate research efforts to counteract them. This paper introduces
this initiative, putting emphasis on three of its core activities, namely a) the
preservation challenge, raising awareness of pressing issues in digital preservation;
b) the research exchange programme, trying to counteract fragmentation; and c) the
research roadmap, shaping the future of digital preservation research.

Digital Preservation, Research Roadmap, Research Collaboration and Integration, Coordination Action

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