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G. Langer, R. Houbertz, V. Schmidt, W. Leeb:
"Optoelectronic Printed Circuit Board Realised by Two Photon Absorption";
Talk: Electronica, München; 11-13-2008.

English abstract:
An innovative approach is presented which shows the fabrication of optical waveguides by TPA (two-photon absorption) processes. In contrast to one-photon absorption, which only allows a two-dimensional
respectively lateral modification of a polymer, this technology allows a modification within the volume resulting in 3D-microstructures inside the polymer layer. Embedded opto-electronic components can easily be connected to corresponding waveguides and thereby bypassing expensive and time consuming active alignment processes. Recent experiments demonstrated 3-dimensional crossing waveguides transmitting data rates exceeding 6 Gbit/s.

Optical waveguides; optical printed circuit board; two-photon absorption; integration

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