Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

M. Abbasi:
"Characterization of a 5GHz Modular Radio Frontend for WLAN Based on IEEE 802.11p";
Supervisor: A. Paier, C. Mecklenbräuker, A.L. Scholtz; Institut für Nachrichtentechnik und Hochfrequenztechnik (E389), 2008; final examination: 12-22-2008.

English abstract:
The number of vehicles has increased significantly in recent years, which causes high density in traffic and further problems like accidents and road congestions. A solution regarding to this problem is vehicle-to-vehicle communication, where vehicles are able to communicate with their neighboring vehicles even in the absence of a central base station, to provide safer and more efficient roads and to increase passenger safety.
The goal of this thesis is to investigate basic physical layer parameters of a inter-vehicle communication system, like emission power, spectral emission, error vector magnitude, guard interval, ramp-up/down time, and third order intercept point. I also studied the intelligent transportation system´s channel layout in Europe, how the interference of other systems are working in co-channel and adjacent channels, and some proposals to use the allocated frequency bands. On the other hand, the fundamentals of OFDM transmission and definitions of OFDM key parameters in IEEE 802.11p are investigated. The focus of this work is on the measurement of transmitter frontend parameters of a new testbed designed and fabricated in order to be used at inter-vehicle
communication based on IEEE 802.11p.

vehicular communications, WAVE, IEEE 802.11p, radio frontend

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