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N. Oza, S. Biffl, C. Frühwirth, Y. Selioukova, R. Sarapisto:
"Reducing the Risk of Misalignment between Software Process Improvement Initiatives and Stakeholder Values";
Talk: European Systems & Software Process Improvement and Innovation (EuroSPI 2008), Dublin, Ireland; 2008-09-04 - 2008-09-05; in: "Proceedings of the European Systems & Software Process Improvement and Innovation (EuroSPI 2008)", Springer, (2008), ISBN: 9783540859345; 1 pages.

English abstract:
Software companies who want to improve software process capabilities (SPCs) need a sys-tematic method to make informed investment decisions on software process improvement (SPI) initiatives. Such decisions should aim at creating maximum stakeholder values. Existing software process assessment models such as CMMI and SPICE give an overview on relevant SPCs but do not help in aligning the investment decisions on SPI initiatives with stakeholder values. This echoes in our research experiences with Finnish software companies. To address this problem, we present a method with tool support that may help companies align stake-holder values with SPCs and SPI initiatives. The proposed method has been developed based on the well-established "Quality Function Deployment" (QFD) approach. We report on experi-ences from applying the method and tool support in project workshops with SPI specialists and a Finnish software company. The experience with the proposed method suggests that it particularly helps to reduce the risk of misalignment by identifying those SPI initiatives that are most beneficial to stakeholders. The tool support provided with the proposed method also generated positive experiences in increasing the usability of the method and helped compa-nies in the elicitation and prioritization of stakeholder values

Software Process Improvement, Risk Management, QFD

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