P. Yillia, N. Kreuzinger, J. Mathooko:
"Adult Males Dominate Water Abstraction At The Middle Reaches Of A Rural Stream In Southwestern Kenya";
Rural Society Journal, 18 (2008), 3; S. 194 - 201.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In rural sub-Saharan Africa, small scale water abstraction could be described as the manual withdrawal of water usually from the banks of shallow surface water systems by people with the aid of 10- and/or 20-litre containers mainly for domestic use. The gender composition of human visitors during water abstraction at the middle and upper reaches of a predominantly rural stream (Njoro River) in Southwestern Kenya was analyzed. Abstraction started at dawn with adult females accompanied by girls.

But adult males who were mostly water vendors dominated, contributing >65% of the daily total visits on weekdays. The number of children at the stream in the morning, as well as early in the afternoon of weekdays was <15% but they accounted for approximately 40% of the evening total and >70% of the daily total visits on weekends.

The dominance of adult males coupled with the low participation of children, especially on weekdays suggested that water abstraction in the Njoro area was not an important activity for most children. This information could be relevant for the development and/or refinement of policy and targeted programmes on water supply in the area.

children, rural stream, water abstraction, water vendors, adult males

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