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V. Sesum-Cavic, E. Kühn:
"Instantiation of a Generic Model for Load Balancing with Intelligent Algorithms";
Talk: 3rd International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems, Wien; 2008-12-09 - 2008-12-11; in: "IWSOS 2008, 3rd International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems", LNCS, Springer, 5343/2008 (2008), ISSN: 0302-9743; 311 - 317.

English abstract:
In peer-to-peer networks, an important issue is the distribution of
load having an impact on the overall performance of the system. The answer
could be the application of an intelligent approach that leads to autonomic selforganizing
infrastructures. In this position paper, we briefly introduce a framework
model for load balancing that allows various load-balancing algorithms to
be plugged-in, and that uses virtual shared-memory-based communication
known to be advantageous for the communication of autonomous agents in
order to enable the collaboration of load-balancing agents. As the main contribution,
we show how the biological concepts of bees can be mapped to the
load-balancing problem, explain why we expect that bee intelligence can outperform
other (un)intelligent approaches, and present an instantiation of the
model with the bee intelligence algorithm. This load-balancing scheme focuses
on two main policies: a transfer and a location policy for which we suggest
some improvements.

load balancing, bee intelligence, autonomous agents.

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