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J. Dorn, M. Pichlmair, K. Schimper, H. Tellioglu:
"Supporting Competence Management in Software Projects";
in: "Proceedings of International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising", ICE Proceedings, 2008, 451 - 458.

English abstract:
Competence management is used today for different purposes: company and project staffing, competence detection and competence development for single persons, whole companies or virtual organisations. We have developed a university competence management system enabling students to plan and control their further study based on their current competence profile. The final profile can be used for job applications. In this paper we describe experience made in a special university course on software project management capturing and developing students´ competencies relevant in this area. This approach would be applicable also in commercial software projects. We present the first approach, its implementation and evaluation before we propose an extended version.

Competence Management, Project Management

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