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F. Nirschl, M. Fuchs, J. Dorn:
"A Quantitative Competence Model for e-Recruiting and Team Building in Safety Critical Domains";
in: "Proceedings of International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising", ICE Proceedings, 2008, 459 - 466.

English abstract:
An information system model is presented, that enables quantification of competencies which are used to determine the suitability of candidates for a certain job and of experts to be part of a team in safety critical domains. Qualification (in the sense of acquired knowledge) and experience are seen as the basic competence-components which are measured in hours. Further competence build-up and competence-loss is determined by other parameters that are relevant in the job-recruiting and team building processes. The model can be used in competence management systems where the quantitative competence levels provide the basis for further use-cases. Competencies in safety critical domains were used for the design of the model to focus on these particular areas. In addition to a standard e-recruitment process which can be used for recruitment of aviation personnel, the model is extended to build teams for carrying out risk assessments in an aviation context. The team can be optimised based on the determined competence levels and required team sizes.

Competence Management, Risk Management

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