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M. Guttenbrunner, C. Becker, A. Rauber, C. Heister:
"Evaluating Strategies for the Preservation of Console Video Games";
Vortrag: iPRES 2008: The Fifth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, The British Library, London, UK; 29.09.2008 - 30.09.2008; in: "Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects", (2008), S. 115 - 121.

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The amount of content from digital origin permanently
increases. The short lifespan of digital media makes it
necessary to develop strategies to preserve its content for
future use. Not only electronic documents, pictures and
movies have to be preserved, also interactive content like
digital art or video games have to be kept "alive" for
future generations. In this paper we discuss strategies for
the digital preservation of console video games. We look
into challenges like proprietary hardware and unavailable
documentation as well as the big variety of media and
non-standard controllers. Then a case study on console
video game preservation is shown utilizing the Planets
preservation planning approach for evaluating
preservation strategies in a documented decision-making
process. While previous case studies concentrated on
migration, we compared emulation and migration using a
requirements tree. Experiments were carried out to
compare different emulators as well as other approaches
first for a single console video game system, then for
different console systems of the same era and finally for
systems of all eras. Comparison and discussion of results
show that, while emulation works in principle very well
for early console video games, various problems exist for
the general use as a digital preservation alternative. It also
shows that the Planets preservation planning workflow
can be used for both emulation and migration in the same
planning process and that the selection of suitable sample
records is crucial.

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