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T. Motal, R. Schuster:
"A Holistic Approach Towards a UML Profile for Business Modeling";
Poster: Tenth International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC08), Innsbruck; 2008-08-19 - 2008-08-22.

English abstract:
Due to faster and faster changing business conditions, companies must be able to quickly adopt these changes to their IT infrastructure. Thus, business models must reflect these changes in order to design/align business processes supporting the value exchanges de ned in the business model. Presently there are three major and well-accepted business modeling techniques - e3-value, Resource-Event-Agent (REA) and the Business Modeling Ontology (BMO). All of them use their own proprietary notation, which is incompatible with UML - the de-facto modeling standard in software engineering. In order to allow a straight-through modeling approach from business models over business process models to software artifacts, it is desirable to use a common modeling approach. Therefore we propose to specify a UML pro le for business modeling integrating all bene ts of these methodologies in one ontology. As a result this new ontology helps to cover our main research question - the transition between a business model and a business process model. Furthermore the
introduction of a framework for measuring the quality of business models as well as the de nition of business modeling patterns is discussed.

business models, business patterns, business model metrics, business modeling

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