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J. Dorn, C. Herzog, H. Werthner:
"TechScreen: Networked Knowledge Management";
Talk: Smart Business Networks Conference, Bejing (invited); 2008-05-19 - 2008-05-23; in: "Smart Business Networks", (2008), 460 - 470.

English abstract:
This paper describes a system supporting knowledge sharing in and between networked organizations. Knowledge resources are stored in a structured way, supporting the flexible association of access levels to knowledge resources and thus giving an organization the possibility to share knowledge while securing knowledge resources which are categorized as critical for competition. The system considers explicit knowledge stored in a Web-based information system and the implicit knowledge of human experts. Both types of knowledge are described by meta-data, in terms of an ontology and/or user created keywords/tags. These meta-data are used to find relevant knowledge sources, cluster these resources and to recommend certain resources to users. In this paper we introduce the system through a usage scenario at the university where students and university staff use the system to share knowledge.

Knowledge Management, Social Software

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