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J. Dorn, T. Naz:
"Meta-search in Human Resource Management";
Vortrag: 4th International Conference on Knowledge Systems, Bangkok, Thailand (eingeladen); 20.12.2007 - 22.12.2007; in: "Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Knowledge Systems", (2007).

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In the area of Human Resource Management, the
trend is towards online exchange of information about human
resources. For example, online applications for employment become
standard and job offerings are posted in many job portals. However,
there are too many job portals to monitor all of them if someone is
interested in a new job. We developed a prototype for integrating
information of different job portals into one meta-search engine.
First, existing job portals were investigated and XML schema
documents were derived automated from these portals. Second,
translation rules for transforming each schema to a central HR-XML-
conform schema were determined. The HR-XML-schema is used to
build a form for searching jobs. The data supplied by a user in this
form is now translated into queries for the different job portals. Each
result obtained by a job portal is sent to the meta-search engine that
ranks the result of all received job offers according to user´s
preferences.example, the German Federal Employment Office (BA) has
launched a "Virtual Employment Market" platform in 2003 to
overcome the problems.
"The importance of the Internet for job procurement is
increasing for the reason that three quarters of the people in
the employment age are online." [4]. For a certain company,
publishing online their job offers is a sign of good economic
health, in that way e-recruitment becomes a sign of
institutional publicity and ever more companies are publishing
their job offers in the Web. Recruiters are interested to
automate the pre-selection of candidates and to decrease
transactions costs for publishing job postings and for pre-
selecting [5]. But still people are facing problems in searching

Metasearch, Human Resource Management

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