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M. Faber, A. N. Ivanov, P. Kienle, E.L. Kryshen, M. Pitschmann, N. Troitskaya:
"First-Forbidden Continuum- and Bound-State β+ -Decay Rates of Bare 205Hg80+ and 270Tl81+ Ions";
Physical Review C, 78 (2008), 061603(R); 061603-1 - 061603-4.

English abstract:
We calculate the decay rates λβ-c and λβ-b of the continuum- and bound-state β- -decays for bare 205Hg80+ and 207Tl81+ ions. For the ratio of the decay rates Rb/c = λβ-b/λβ-c we obtain the values Rb/c = 0,161 and Rb/c = 0,190 for bare 205Hg80+ and 207Tl81+ ions, respectively. The theoretical valure of the ratio Rb/c = 0,190 for the decays of 207Tl81+ agrees withing 1% of accuracy with the experimental data Rb/c = 0,188(18), obtained at GSI. The theoretical ratio Rb/c = 0,1641 for 205Hg80+ is about 20% smaller than the experimental value Rb/c = 0,20(2), measured recently at GSI.

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