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R. Höllwieser, M. Faber, J. Greensite, U. M. Heller, S. Olejnik:
"Center Vortices and the Dirac Spectrum";
Physical Review D, 78 (2008), 054508-1 - 054508-14.

English abstract:
We study correlations between center vortices and the low-lying eigenmodes of the Dirac operator, in both the overlap and asqtad formulations. In particular we address a puzzle raised some years ago by Gattnar et al. [Nucl.Phys.B 716, 105 (2005)], who noted that the low-lying Dirac eigenmodes required for chiral symmetry breaking do not appear to be present in center-projected configurations. We show that the low-lying modes are in fact present in the staggered (asqtad) formulation, but not in the overlap and "chirally improved" formulations, and suggest a reason for this difference. We also confirm and extend the results of Kovalenko et al. [Phys.Lett. B 648, 383 (2007)], showing that there is a correlation between center vortex locations, and the scalar density of low-lying Dirac eigenmodes derived from unprojected configurations. This correlation is strongest at points which are associated, in the vortex picture, with non-vanishing topological charge density, such as vortex intersection and "writhing" points. We present supporting evidence that the lowest Dirac eigenmodes, in both asqtad and overlap formulations, have their largest concentrations in point-like regions, rather than on submanifolds of higher dimensionality.

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