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A.Ya. Berdnikov, M. Faber, A. Ivanov, A.V. Nikitchenko, N. Troitskaya:
"On nonleptonic Σ+ --> pπ0 decay in the effective quark model with chiral U(3) x U(3) symmetry";
International Journal of Modern Physics A, 22 (2007), 25; 4651 - 4666.

English abstract:
Within the effective quark model with chiral U(3) x U(3) symmetry we calculate the S-wave and P-wave amplitudes of the nonleptonic decay Σ+ --> pπ0, the partial width and the dynamical polarization of the proton in the dependence on the polarization of the Σ+-hyperon. The theoretical results agree well with the experimental data.

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