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J. Frank:
"Enhancing Music Maps";
Vortrag: Workshop on Data Analysis WDA´2008, Dedinky, Slovakia (eingeladen); 26.06.2008 - 29.06.2008; in: "Proceedings of the 8th International Student Workshop WDA 2008", F. Babic, J. Paralic, A. Rauber (Hrg.); EQUILIBRIA, s.r.o., (2008), ISBN: 978-80-89284-21-4; S. 53 - 59.

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Private as well as commercial music collections keep growing and growing. The increasing number of songs in these repositories pose
serious challenges to users. PlaySOM and PocketSOM provide map-based
access to large audio collections. They provide a quick overview of the whole collection as well as an in-depth view on speci c music styles. Furthermore they support the user while exploring and navigating through the collection and provide quick and intuitive playlist creation. But yet, Music Maps have not revealed their full strength. There are still several issues to be solved, such as the continuing growth of collection or multiuser playlist generation. Questions related to these and other issues will be identi ed and outlined in this paper.

PocketSOM, PlaySOM, music maps, User Interfaces

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