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M. Tomitsch, T. Grechenig, A. Vande Moere, S. Renan:
"Information Sky: Exploring Ceiling-based Data Representations";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV'08), Eindhoven, Netherlands; 06-04-2008 - 06-06-2008; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Information Visualisation", (2008), ISBN: 978-0-7695-3268-4; 100 - 105.

English abstract:
In this paper we suggest the ceiling as a new
physical surface for information visualization. To
provide a design framework for application designers,
we present the notion of `information sky´. This concept
is based on (1) the metaphor of the natural sky, (2)
historical examples of ceiling art and (3) recent
computing paradigms, including mediatecture,
ubiquitous computing and ambient display. We further
introduce three distinct categories that denote potential
application domains for ceiling-based data
visualizations. Finally, we present four different
application scenarios we have developed using
prototyping and user-centered design techniques, and
discuss how they relate to the categories.

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