A Cvetanovic, A. Cvetanovic, A. Deutschinger, M. Soucek, D. Andrijasevic, W. Brenner:
"Micro assembly in a SEM chamber and the solution for collision prevention";
Microsystem Technologies - Micro- and Nanosystems - Information Storage and Processing Systems, 14 (2008), 6; S. 835 - 839.

Kurzfassung englisch:
As the micro assembly becomes more and more
important, it is necessary to make it reliable and expeditious.
In this paper the scope is on the micro assembly in
the chamber of the scanning electron microscope during
which a micro gripper approaches the specimen holder and
the micro components positioned on it are picked up. The
current design of equipment in the SEM chamber does not
allow an assessment of the position in the z-direction that
causes that tips of micro grippers could break if they collide
with the specimen holder. Here is described the video
system consisted of micro camera with the magnifications
lenses and mess stripe, which enables accurately watching
the approaching to the micro components and exact calculation
of the distance between micro gripper and the
micro component.

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Projektleitung Werner Brenner:
Methoden und Werkzeuge für Handhabung und Montage in der Mikrodimension (Tech. abgeschlossen 2007)

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