A Cvetanovic, A. Cvetanovic, D. Andrijasevic, I. Giouroudi, W. Brenner:
"Development of a novel protective cover for micro manipulation process in the SEM chamber";
Microsystem Technologies - Micro- and Nanosystems - Information Storage and Processing Systems, 14 (2008), 8; S. 1143 - 1148.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents a novel approach to
assembly of micro components in a scanning electron
microscope (SEM) chamber. A new set, called Protective
Cover for micro components allows their quick positioning
on the platform inside the SEM chamber without gluing. It
is well known that the vacuum pumps, especially turbo
one, which evacuated a SEM chamber, are highly sensitive
to foreign object damage. This is the reason why the micro
components are glued on the specimen holder in the SEM
chamber. On the other hand, the grippers that have to pick,
lift and place the micro components in a desired system
(position, orientation) are very fragile. They can not
overcome the adhesive force of the glue and remove the
particle from the specimen holder. The presented system is
standardized and can be mounted without additional time,
modification or expenses into the SEM chamber. It enables,
on the one hand, easier manipulation of the micro components
that do not need to be glued on the specimen
holder and, on the other hand, introduces further automation
in the manipulation process in the SEM chamber since
it creates thus a necessary basis for modular assembling
system. Furthermore, it is very important for the automated
assembly process that the micro components are exactly
positioned. The standardization in the micro world
becomes more and more essential. The uniformity of parts,
operations and tools strongly supports an automatic
assembly system.

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