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A. Teixeira, L. Nicolau Costa, G. Franzl, S. Azodolmolky, I Tomkos, K. Vlachos, S. Zsigmond, T. Cinkler, G.T. Beleffi, P. Gravey, T. Loukina, J.A. Lazaro, C. Vazquez, J. Montalvo, E. Le Rouzic:
"An Integrated View on Dynamic Monitoring and Compensation for Optical Networks: From Management to Physical Layer";
Photonic Network Communications, 18 (2009), 2; 191 - 210.

English abstract:
A vertical perspective, ranging from manage- ment and routing to physical layer options, concerning dynamic network monitoring and compensation of impairments (M&C), is given. Feasibility, reliability, and performance improvements on reconfigurable transparent networks are expected to arise from the consolidated assessment of network management and control specifications, as a more accurate evaluation of available M&C techniques. In the network layer, physical parameters aware algorithms are foreseen to pursue reliable network performance. In the physical layer, some new M&C methods were developed and rating of the state-of-the-art reported in literature is given. Optical monitoring implementation and viability is discussed.

Dynamic networks, Optical performance monitoring, Impairment compensation, Network management and routing

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