Contributions to Proceedings:

R. Heuer, S.M. Yousefi:
"On the nonlinear influence of tuned pendulum dampers in slender structures";
in: "Proceedings of the European Conference on Structural Control 4ECSC", A. Belyaev et al. (ed.); issued by: Russian Academy of Sciences IPME; Institue of Problems in Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, 2008, ISBN: 987-5-904045-10-4, 335 - 342.

English abstract:
In this research, the dynamic behavior of continuous elastic slender, tower-like structures combined with a discrete tuned pendulum damper (TPD) are studied. In case of strong motions, e.g. due to earthquake excitation, the oscillation of the TPD exhibits (moderately) large rotations and nonlinear analysis becomes essential to understand the nature of the system and its dynamic process. Using eigenfunction expansion discretizes the main system, and the equations of motion of the hybrid structure follow from the formulation according to Lagrange equations.
In a first step only 2DOFs are considered to evaluate approximate closed-form solutions for both the linearized and nonlinear response, where special emphasis is placed on the effect of higher-order resonances. Numerical nonlinear computer simulations are performed for MDOFs studying the influence of the higher modes of the main structure on the passive damping behavior of the pendulum. Parameter studies are performed for free vibrations and for three different types of excitations, i.e., time-harmonic, Heaviside-type, stationary random processes.
This study gives a new insight into the complex behavior of tower-like structures with TPDs, namely the efficiency and limits of choosing common "optimal linear" parameters when tuning the actually nonlinear TPD.

slender structure, linear and nonlinear vibrations, pendulum, passive control, tuned pendulum damper, optimal parameters

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