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M. Brunk, A. Jüngel:
"Simulation of thermal effects in optoelectronic devices using coupled energy-transport and circuit models";
M3AS, 18 (2008), 12; 2125 - 2150.

English abstract:
A coupled model with optoelectronic semiconductor devices in electric circuits is proposed.
The circuit is modeled by differential-algebraic equations derived from modified
nodal analysis. The transport of charge carriers in the semiconductor devices (laser diode
and photo diode) is described by the energy-transport equations for the electron density
and temperature, the drift-diffusion equations for the hole density, and the Poisson equation
for the electric potential. The generation of photons in the laser diode is modeled by
spontaneous and stimulated recombination terms appearing in the transport equations.
The devices are coupled to the circuit by the semiconductor current entering the circuit
and by the applied voltage at the device contacts, coming from the circuit. The resulting
time-dependent model is a system of nonlinear partial differential-algebraic equations.
The one-dimensional transient transport equations are numerically discretized in time by
the backward Euler method and in space by a hybridized mixed finite-element method.
Numerical results for a circuit consisting of a single-mode heterostructure laser diode, a
silicon photo diode, and a high-pass filter are presented.

German abstract:
Siehe englisches Abstract.

Laser diode, phtot diode, electric circuits, energy-transport equations

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