Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

M. Zolda, R. Kirner:
"Divide and Measure: CFG Segmentation for the Measurement-Based Analysis of Resource Consumption";
Poster: Junior Scientist Conference 2008, Wien; 2008-11-16 - 2008-11-18; in: "Proceedings of the Junior Scientist Conference 2008", (2008), ISBN: 978-3-200-01612-5; 117 - 118.

English abstract:
A computer system is a good computer system if it correctly performs the task it was intended to perform. This is not even half of the truth: Non-functional requirements are abundant in the world of software and system engineering, even if they are not always stated explicitly. In our work we are concerned with the measurement-based analysis of resource consumption. Examples of resources are time, energy, or memory space. In the context of our measurement-based approach for software analysis, we face the problem of breaking the software under examination into smaller parts of managable size, a process dubbed CFG Segmentation.

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